I am so excited that you have decided to learn more about publishing your product previews here at the Wrapper Gallery! This site is something I wish I could have found when I was just starting out as a Professional Candy Bar Wrapper! It is a place where all the wrapper designers, all the graphic designers and all the business to business supply businesses can show off their products in one place together!

Do you have a small site to sell your wrappers and wish you could get more traffic from customers? Do you sell your wrapper designs in auctions and wish there was a way to get more people to see your work? Do you want to get the word out that you are willing to do custom wrapper design work? Do you already have an established customer base but wish there was a way to get even more customers to visit your site? The Wrapper Gallery was designed as a way to promote all wrapper designers- Big and Small- and to give customers one all inclusive place to browse many stores at once!

This is a very simple concept. You come and post your product previews. You leave a description of your product under the preview image for that product. You leave a direct link to purchase that product here for the customers to use! Customers come, they find your product preview images, and they click on your direct link to purchase your product! It is as simple as that!

When you sign up to be a poster at the Wrapper Gallery, you are granted a user name and password which allows you to log on and post your product previews any time you want, without moderation. Your previews are available instantly for the public to view and follow the link to purchase! When you post a preview, you are afforded the opportunity to put that preview in any of the categories that apply to it! You also have a chance to apply keywords to your previews so that when customers search the gallery by keyword, your previews will be included in thier searches!

The best thing about this site is that the customers don't even view it as advertising! They consider it a one stop shopping heaven! If you have been looking for a convenient, affordable, and easy to use advertising system, the Wrapper Gallery is what you have been searching for! No more posting on forums hoping someone will see the link in your sig line! No more hours and hours spent scouring the net for more ways to bring customers to your business! No more worrying about where you will find customers for your products! The customers are here! Let the Wrapper Gallery bring the customers to you!

If you have chosen to join the Wrapper Gallery, please choose the option below that best suits you and click on the buy now button! Within 24 hours, you will receive an email asking for the information needed to create an account for you, such as name, desired screenname, and website address. Soon after you reply with the necessary information, you will be activated as a poster at the Wrapper Gallery and will be informed of your new status so you can start posting your previews!

There are no commisions, no kickbacks, no limitations on posting, and only one small request that you include a blinkie or banner to the Wrapper Gallery on your site! This will let your customers know they can find your products here at the Wrapper Gallery and help spread the word about the gallery that much faster! You can find blinkies and banners in the Wrapper Gallery under Blinkies and Banners!

1 year
For just $12, you, as a single designer, can publish your product previews in the Wrapper Gallery for one full year! That amounts to just $1 a month!

6 months
For $8, you, as a single designer, can publish your product previews in the Wrapper Gallery for 6 months!

1 month
For $5, you, as a single designer, can publish your product previews in the Wrapper Gallery for 1 month!

Consignment Shops
If you run a consignment shop with 3 or more designers, you can join the wrapper gallery on behalf of your whole store for $25 a year. This affords you one screen name and password which you may share with all the designers in your shop so they may all post their previews, as long as only one person is logged on at a time. OR, you may choose to have 3 unique screen names for your shop so that these 3 people can post all the previews, descriptions, and links for the entire shop.

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